Quality Care and a Commitment to Patient Service women's needs and concerns change as they pass through each stage of the feminine life cycle. The philosophy of the physicians and staff at Gregory M. Koons & Associates, M.D., P.C. is to respond to these changes with respect and compassion. Our physicians and nurses listen and carefully consider each patient's individual perspective. They take time to answer questions, explain all diagnostic and treatment options, and encourage patients' involvement in their medical care.

Professional office staff support physicians and patients. Our highly trained and experienced medical staff is available to teach and assist with medical questions and problems. They readily direct patients' inquiries to the person who can best help them. Using their knowledge of the health insurance industry, staff help patients obtain authorizations and benefits from their insurance companies. They set up timely office visits and are available to schedule appointments when patients need diagnostic tests or to see a specialist. Together, medical and office staff maintain a warm, supportive environment in which women receive the highest quality gynecological care.

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